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A Council that Works Together with the Citizens Through Communication and Cooperation Jeonju city council

Administrative committee

Realization of administration for the convenience of citizens
The administrative committee directs affairs affiliated with the Public Relations Officer, Audit and Inspection Officer, Citizen Communications Officer, Strategic Coordinator, Wan-San Library, Deok-Jin Library, and Jeonju Poong-Nam-Hak-Sa Office, which all play an important role in the Jeonju City Administration's promotion, budget, human resources, audit, organization administration, public assets management, etc.

Observe and Check for Administrative Execution of Jeonju City

With a sense of duty and responsibility that reflects policy by collecting the public opinions of citizens, we go forward for realizing transparent administration. Also, we thoroughly inspect the operating finances of Jeonju City, and try to achieve the best administration for citizens to present the right way for Jeonju City's administration.

Settlement of Sound Finances

We try our best to eradicate irrationality and establish discipline in public office by actively managing and supervising the field of accounting including public work bids, signing contracts, etc.

Transparent Execution of Administration

We realize responsible administration accounting by frequently checking the state of finance management in Jeonju City, and determine the state of municipal property management and property with illegal private use, and make thorough inspections in the field of non-tax receipt and try to secure a revenue source from omissions. Also, we try to secure policy transparency by correcting the executive branch's administrative direction regarding the innovation of administration.

Affairs affiliated with Committee

  1. 1. Affairs affiliated with Public Relations Officer, Audit and Inspection Officer, and Citizen Communications Officer
  2. 2. Affairs affiliated with Strategic Coordinator
  3. 3. Affairs affiliated with Wan-San Library, Deok-Jin Library, and Jeonju Poong-Nam-Hak-Sa Office

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