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A Council that Works Together with the Citizens Through Communication and Cooperation Jeonju city council

Urban construction committee

Making an Eco-Friendly Green Ecological Polis
The City Construction Committee directs affairs affiliated with the City Design Officer, Citizen Safety Officer, Bureau of Ecological Polis, Social Economy Support Group and Citizen Transportation Headquarters, and takes responsibility for the field of administration in city construction not only to make Jeonju a pleasant and safe city, but also an eco-friendly green ecological polis.

Trying to Vitalize the Original Urban Center

We try our best to vitalize the original urban center region, which experienced the hollowing out phenomenon affecting urban centers. The downtown area, centering on the Traditional Korean-style House Village, is being vitalized by throngs of tourists, but except for this region, the original urban center region is falling behind more as time passes. We push ahead to vitalize the original urban center for balanced city development.

Plan to Develop Eco-Friendly City

We have a plan to induce low carbon construction methods at various construction sites to develop an eco-friendly city and restrain reckless development, and try our best to make the city more pleasant and livelier for citizens. In particular, we are making an eco-friendly green city by creating a forest in the urban center.

Affairs affiliated with Committee

  1. 1. Affairs affiliated with the City Design Officer and Citizen Safety Officer
  2. 2. Affairs affiliated with the Bureau of Ecological Polis
  3. 3. Affairs affiliated with the Social Economy Support Group
  4. 4. Affairs affiliated with the Citizen Transportation Headquarters

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